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by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-02
This year, an application for a patent for the valve industry trend, however, most of the enterprise patent rights protection consciousness is poorer, difficult phenomenon is common, lack of system, the lack of conditions such as become, biggest weakness in valve patent enforcement. ” Application for a patent for the enthusiasm: 21 a day on average a parallel flow evaporator water chamber structure, flat tube heat exchanger with finned structure & hellip; … In zhejiang wall of automotive air conditioning co. , LTD. , executive director of 23 Chen Ming work documents, with a long list of patent. Listed in the list, with more than 70 patents, including two butterfly valves for a patent for invention, 9 utility model patents, these are the enterprise in the first half of this year, compared with the same period saw the declared amount. City technology bureau statistics show that in the first half of the patent application in zhuhai total 3771, an increase of 170. In wenzhou counties (7%, the number of applications City, area) First, one invention patent 227, 37 year-on-year growth. 5%; Patent grant up to 2058 pieces, year-on-year growth in 94. 7%, among which the invention grant 52 pieces, with the same period last year. Rui companies to declare the enthusiasm of the intellectual property rights is behind of supporting policies to promote. This year, zhuhai will arrange more than 200 ten thousand yuan reward innovation and with independent intellectual property rights, to obtain & other; Ruian patent demonstration enterprises throughout the &; Title of the enterprise will give rewards every 50000 yuan, and subsidies for each patents granted, the highest award more than $100000. In addition, the city also strengthen the propaganda and training, improve to declare the patent demonstration enterprises and innovative patent ShenBaoLiang and grant index score, strengthen patent technology industrialization projects and industrial science and technology project to declare the patent indicators set, inspire the enthusiasm of enterprises take the initiative to declare. “ Patents will become the enterprise technology umbrella. ” 23, in recent years, the wall of the car air conditioning company increased investment in technology research and development, every year there are many new products, new products in the first half of this year alone more than 50 items, to protect the enterprise technology research and development, they applied for a patent for each new product. The patent is not only the enterprise technology umbrella, but also the most effective tools for enterprises to exploit market. “ Patent to make our products more competitive. ” Rayleigh group said livid, director of intellectual property, this year before July 110 the company has applied for patents, a number of products with independent intellectual property rights, attracted many domestic large manufacturers. In April this year, Rayleigh group has become the city's first enterprise intellectual property management, jitc ( Jitc, namely through implementing & other; Enterprise intellectual property management specification & throughout; The national standard acceptance) To promote the competitiveness of the enterprise product and brand influence. The relevant person in charge of the municipal technology bureau said that in the market competition, the intellectual property rights has become the enterprise growth and their own development needs, the enterprise through the patent, can maintain competitive advantage, win the good development opportunities. Patent rights protection consciousness is poorer, 6 months only four butterfly valve enterprise application enthusiasm, or the number of high-speed growth, are shown in improving enterprise intellectual property rights consciousness, but with the corresponding intellectual property rights protection consciousness, is still relatively weak. Cai Dongmin zhejiang Australia cheung, head of the automatic control technology co. , LTD. These days, he is busy preparing in late August the hearing of intellectual property rights infringement cases. “ This is the third time nearly two years. ” Cai Dongmin said. Macao xiang auto-control technology company mainly produces products such as electric actuator, electric valve, is a high-tech enterprise growth. Founded five years, the enterprise independent research and development industry leading product, has more than 40 patents. In 2011, the company after-sales service received customer complaints, & other; Throughout Australia cheung &; Product quality problems. However, after check the product code, after researchers found that the product was not by their hands. “ This also reminds us that we're being fake products. ” Cai Dongmin said that since then, the company took to the road of the intellectual property rights protection. Yongjia county, in June 2012, the enterprise with SONY shi pneumatic valve manufacturing co. , LTD. , a settlement; In July this year, the enterprises in wenzhou, and at last in the automatic control valve co. , LTD. Of intellectual property rights lawsuit win. “ Counterfeit product counterfeit our appearance, but the internal copy of the material, the production process. ” Cai Dongmin picked up an orange product say, due to high level of product technology content high, the craft, his electric actuators than comparable price twenty percent higher than that of the same products. “ The infringement of their low cost, and the cost of our rights. ” Cai Dongmin said, the first case of indemnity is only 40000 yuan, but the attorney's fees, forensics fees cost for more than 10, ten thousand yuan, energy was unable to evaluate. Since this year, China ( Wenzhou) Intellectual property rights protection assistance center Ryan sub-center only receives four patent lawsuits, significantly less than the same period last year. Acceptance of 23 cases of patent complaints last year, our city, handle cases 18 successful mediation. “ More than this number by the infringement. ” The relevant person in charge of the municipal technology bureau admits, & other; At present, rui qi patent rights protection consciousness is poorer, difficult phenomenon is common, lack of system, the lack of conditions such as become, the biggest weakness in butterfly valve patent enforcement. ” The article links: always fine spinning ball valve WWW letter mau valve co. , LTD. zjxmfm。 Com butterfly valve: WWW. xinmaofm。 com
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