The valve test security measures

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
1, valve test site is strictly prohibited fireworks, within the scope of the 15 m set clear warning signs, the valve testing locale alert rope, assure enough safe distance; 2, valve test to a unified command, when handling the valve put an end to a brutal construction, avoid crushing, squeezing hands; 3, after test of valve, must be slowly loosening milled again after unloading, avoid high pressure liquid injection hurt; 4, electrical equipment must be grounded, good use of qualified leakage protector, and moisture proof measures, hydraulic test pump operation by designated personnel, it is forbidden to overpressure note has qualified for zero or ground protection. 5, test site must be equipped with a sufficient number of fire fighting apparatus; 6, air tightness test system must be configured through test of safety valve, put an end to the overpressure operation; 7, if you have try kerosene leakage when must keep the site clean, remove all flammable items; 8, keep test site clean sanitation, the daily work to clean up the test site before equipment neat, completes the civilization construction.
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