The wafer check valve performance specification and installation

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
The wafer check valve is a universal one-way flow valve gate. Its light weight, small size, easy installation between the flange, valve door inside is composed of two semicircle spring and the plate, on the valve body with spring deformation with peg to close the valve plate, fluid pressure and its open spring deformation soon, so that can protect the pipes from water hammer damage. Laying the pipeline installation considerations should be paid attention to make the wafer check valve through the direction consistent with the direction of flow vertically installed in the pipeline. For horizontal pipe, vertical placed the wafer check valve between the wafer check valve and butterfly valve gate using a telescopic pipe, don't the door directly connected with the other valves in the valve plate within a radius of operation, avoid don't add the pipe joint and clog behind or in front of the wafer check valve installed a variable diameter pipe in water pump export when installing the wafer check valve, at least six times out of the diameter of the valve door space in order to make sure the butterfly plate eventually by fluid near the elbow when installing the wafer check valves, to pay attention to have enough space
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