The welding of stainless steel valve installation advice worth a look!

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-24
The welding of stainless steel valve installation advice worth a look! With the constant improvement of the degree of automation, the demand of the stainless steel valve number is rising. Domestic ability of design and manufacture of stainless steel valves also has made remarkable progress, basic can meet the needs of the existing domestic production enterprises of conventional valve on the overall performance is close to levels in the developed countries. Stainless steel valves in the process of design and use of the caliber, stiffness calculation and selection of material of all kinds of accessories, valve sealing problems such as whole, received widespread attention, and can be solved in the source. Welding process of stainless steel valves of high temperature thermal cycle can make whole uneven heating valve, deformation, make the disc cannot fit closely with the body, especially the poor thermal conductivity of stainless steel material, easy to appear this kind of problem. According to the welding of stainless steel valve installation, are some Suggestions: welded stainless steel valves of the biggest problems is the welding deformation, so how to control the deformation, is the key of the welded stainless steel valve. Some users during welding, using the heat input of smaller tungsten inert gas welding to welding of the valve, 4 - 6 mm thick tube, base, covering two layers of weld is completed, is such a little heat welding, makes a serious deformation of the valve, so don't be careless. 1. Should choose as far as possible small welding heat input welding methods, such as tungsten inert gas welding, etc. ; 2. If considering the welding efficiency, the use of other welding methods, shall adopt the multilayer multichannel to valves and piping welding, and control the interlayer temperature; 3. If the austenitic stainless steel, it is not recommended in order to improve the resistance to intergranular corrosion and USES the way of strong cold, because of rapid cold will produce a large deformation; 4. Suggest that the valve is turned off, and then to welding, so that we can make the body due to the limitation by the gate, won't produce too large, the deformation of the more important is can make the disc and body heat deformation together, try to reduce the deformation difference between the two; 5. During welding, it is recommended that a layer of wet towel wrapped outside the body, through the wet towel to take away the body of the welding heat, wet towel, of course, must be timely replacement.
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