The work performance and characteristics of pneumatic diaphragm valve is introduced

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
- - - - - - - - - - - - : Shanghai mountain EGBJ British standard of pneumatic rubber diaphragm valve body adopts cast steel or stainless steel as material, using four fluorine or other rubber diaphragm, the body and work closely with the body of the diaphragm seal and seat seal, ensures that the pipeline internal and external environment. British standard pneumatic rubber diaphragm valve product introduction Shanghai instrument - mountains EGBJ British standard pneumatic rubber diaphragm valve is used to control the non corrosive or general corrosion as well as the corrosive medium, the valve body cavity surface without lining or may choose to have all kinds of fluorine plastic and all kinds of rubber, suitable for all kinds of different working temperature and fluid piping. Is composed of cylinder and diaphragm valve with pneumatic actuator to drive diaphragm valve switch, ventilation is shut, open to snuff out. To achieve the medium in the pipeline truncation function and through. Different plastic valve internal lining, resistance to different degree of corrosion medium. British standard working principle of the pneumatic rubber diaphragm valve EGBJ British standard pneumatic rubber diaphragm valve open ventilation, barely able to breathe is closed, opening and closing is driven by pneumatic actuators the up and down movement of the valve stem. When in the upper stem, spherical valve diaphragm upward bending forming conducting state. When the valve stem by drives the valve core movement down make diaphragm bending, forced to diaphragm tight seating area or, shut down the pipeline flow leads to the path. British standard rubber lining pneumatic diaphragm valve product characteristic, the diaphragm can be replaced, low maintenance cost. , no stuffing box, so there is no leakage. And streamlined flow, small pressure loss. And the opening of the elastic sealing parts, ensure no leakage. , fluid channel is straight, so fluid loss is smaller, less wear and tear. Separated by a middle diaphragm, valve body and cover, that at the top of the diaphragm valve cover, stem and other parts are not eroded by the medium. , due to the seal for elastic rubber diaphragm. Therefore also has good sealing and little closing force. , depending on the surface of rubber diaphragm valve body cavity after a hall choose from a variety of rubber. Therefore has the characteristics of superior corrosion resistance. Pneumatic rubber diaphragm valve pneumatic diaphragm valve | |
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