The working principle of double electric pneumatic ball valve gate

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
The working principle of double electric pneumatic ball valve gate 1. When the pneumatic actuators after connected with gas source circuit and system, and the air through A pipe tube into A cylinder (A or B B) cylinder Push the piston movement to end, so as to drive the rotation axis of rotation and the ball core & 90 deg; 2. Pneumatic actuators at the top of the moving and visual, when green flag & other; Open & throughout; When word mark valve door open. 3. Reply is light green light when the valve door in the open position, and when red light gate valve in the closed position 4. Locator can control valve 5 doors pipe flow. Valve seat using elastic sealing structure, reliable sealing, easy opening and closing. 6. Have pour sealing bottoms structure is used to the valve rod, valve cavity when the abnormal pressure, the valve stem will not be impact. 7. Pneumatic piston type actuators with low friction materials bearing sleeve, inside and outside the cylinder body hard anodic oxidation of corrosion on the surface, greatly improving the service life of the cylinder. 8. Double electric control electromagnetic valve directly into the power control switch. Electric drive and electric drive two transitions.
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