The working principle of globe valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
For example, suppose a tank cover, water enters from the bottom of the cylinder, the outflow from the crock mouth, cylinder head is equivalent to closing a valve. If the lift cylinder head with the hand, is equivalent to the working principle of globe valve. If use hand to remove the cylinder head side, equivalent to the working principle of a gate. Main criteria: 1, the design standards: GB/T 12235 2, connection standard: 1) BW: butt welding end according to GB/T 12224. 2) RF: flange end regulation according to JB79; GB / T 9113; HG20592 3, valve inspection and test: GB/T 13927. Using the following structure: JB/T 9092 stem scaffolding bolted bonnet; Internal pressure self-tightening type bonnet integral seal seat in detail: globe valve opening and closing is a cylindrical piece of disc, sealing surfaces appear flat or cone, disc make linear movement along the centerline of the fluid. Stem form of exercise, lifting lever ( Valve rod and hand wheel lifting) And lift rotating lever ( Hand wheel rotating lifting with the valve stem and nut in the body) 。 Globe valve is only applicable to all seated, tu order when allowed to adjust and throttling. The cut-off valve opens, the opening of the disc height, is 25% ~ 30% of nominal diameter, flow has reached maximum, said valve to full open position. So stop valve fully open position, should be determined by disc's schedule.
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