The working principle of pneumatic diaphragm valve and electric diaphragm valve is what

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
- - - - - - - - - - - - : the working principle of pneumatic diaphragm valve and electric diaphragm valve is what? The diaphragm valve ( 隔膜阀) Is a special form of block valves, appears Yu Shiji s. Its opening and closing is a diaphragm, made with soft materials within the valve body cavity with the valve cover cavity and drive components separated, therefore calls the diaphragm valve. Diaphragm valve features below outstanding characteristic is the lower part of the diaphragm body inner cavity and the upper cover inner chamber is separated, the located above the diaphragm of the stem and disc parts from corrosion medium, such as eliminating the packing seal structure, and won't produce leakage of medium. And made of rubber or plastic soft seal diaphragm, sealing is good. Because the diaphragm for wearing parts, should be replaced periodically depending on the dielectric properties. , restricted by the diaphragm material, diaphragm valve is suitable for the occasion of relatively low pressure and temperature is not high. , the diaphragm valve can be divided into the form of the structure house type, once-through, cut-off, straight-through type, disc type and right Angle type six; Form is usually connected with flange connection; According to the drive mode can be divided into manual, electric and pneumatic three, including pneumatic drive is divided into often open, often closed and reciprocating three. 。 Should not be commonly used for temperature higher degrees and organic solvents and strong oxidizing medium pipeline, unfavorable also use in high pressure pipe pneumatic diaphragm valve. Pneumatic and electric refers to the drive mode of the valve. This is a principle of pneumatic actuators, simple say is compressed gas piston movement to drive the valve stem. Simple say is to use electric motor instead of manual operation. The diaphragm valve is on. × - - - - - - ~。 XPa fluid system is used to open or cut off air valve. Main performance leakage rate & le; 。 × - - - - - - Pa。 L, L/S materials; Working medium gas, water, oil; Fluorine rubber - operating temperature ℃ ~ + ℃; Principles and characteristics of powered by compressed air drive the drive screw, make the valve disc up and down, at the same time pull the diaphragm moves up and down so that it is closed and open. Characteristics of compact structure, simple, small volume, beautiful appearance. The switch has the guidance, the smooth movement; Close the torque is small, long life, & ge; Ten thousand times; Diaphragm pressure can be automatically adjusted, uniform compression, reliable sealing; Diaphragm into the valve core is adopted into type, easy to change; Electric diaphragm valve. This valve by valve body, valve cover, stem, disc, diaphragm, electric device and other drive parts, etc. Opening and closing of the valve is driven by electric device connecting shaft stem nut, axial movement, made the stem drive disc lift and reach. 。 When power failure occurs and interrupts, and are in urgent need of the emergency conditions of opening and closing of the valve, first of all should be & other; Hand & ndash; The electric switch handle & throughout; Conversion to engraved with manual marking position, then can flash by rotating the handwheel door opening and closing. When rotate clockwise, the valve can be closed; The opposite open. When need to restore electric operation, will & other; The switch handle & throughout; Conversion to engraved with electric tag position, only for electric operation.
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