The working principle of pneumatic program control valves

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
Pneumatic program control valves is a kind of by pneumatic, hydraulic driven way shut-off valve. Connected to DCS collecting and distributing control system, can realize remote control of the computer program. Multi-purpose son methanol cracking dry hydrogen production, alcohol, polysilicon tail gas, nitrogen, such as psa gas separation industry. Pneumatic program control valves is the key equipment of pressure swing adsorption device, ensure the variable pressure adsorption system reliable operation. The process of adsorption and pressure swing adsorption (psa) equalizer, direct and reverse, rinse steps, such as the completion of every step procedure is realized through control valve opening and closing. Program-controlled valve operation requirements and general performance is higher than general valve. Pneumatic program control valves to have some requirements: 1, sealed performance is reliable, stable, valves service life is long, use is still no leak. 2, the disc to prevent fluid scouring and corrosion function. 3, fast opening and closing, opening and closing time is usually less than 2 seconds, 4, reliable packing seal. 5, a valve position status field instructions and remote transmitting signal 6, the valve can be remote control. Related: & gt; What is the working principle of pneumatic valve & gt; Refrigeration fittings market prospect of electric valve can & gt; Pneumatic integration will become the market mainstream products of electric valve pneumatic fast loading Angle seat valve pneumatic Angle seat valve flange type
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