The working principle of pneumatic valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
Pneumatic valve using compressed air driven actuators in combination of multiple sets of pneumatic piston movement, the force to beam and the characteristics of the curve track, drive tubular spindle rotation, compressed air disks to each cylinder, changed the direction of gas in and out of position to change the direction of spindle rotation, according to the load ( Valve) The requirements of rotary torque required, can adjust the cylinder number combination, driving load ( Valve) Work. Two five-way solenoid valve which is equipped with double-acting pneumatic actuators, two is two position control: open - , there are five tunnel ventilation, 45 is one connected with gas source, two external and double-acting cylinder chamber in and out of the port connection, two with the internal chamber in and out of the port in succession, you may refer to the working principle of concrete working principle of the double-acting pneumatic actuators. Because more and more control mode and means, in the actual industrial raw and industrial control, often used to control method has a lot of pneumatic actuators.
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