The working principle of the introduction of oxygen and pressure relief valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
In the physical chemistry experiments, often should use oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and argon gas, etc. These gases are generally stored in a dedicated high-pressure gas cylinders. When used by the gas pressure relief valve to the required range, after other control valve doors fine tuning, make gas input using the system. The most commonly used and pressure relief valve for oxygen and pressure relief valve, hereinafter referred to as oxygen table. The working principle of oxygen and pressure relief valve working principle and the appearance of oxygen and pressure relief valve. The high pressure cavity of oxygen and pressure relief valve connected with the cylinder, the low pressure chamber for gas exports, and to use the system. High pressure table for the cylinder value for the pressure of the gas storage. The low pressure table of outlet pressure can be controlled by the adjusting screw. When used to open the first cylinder master switch, and then clockwise (low pressure gauge pressure adjustment screw, compress the main spring and transmission film, spring block and ejector and open the valve. Such imports of high-pressure gas by the high pressure chamber after the throttle pressure into the low pressure chamber, and the export system to work. Turn the adjusting screw, change the height of the valve to open, so as to regulate the amount of by high pressure gas and achieve the required pressure value. Relief valves are equipped with safety valves. It is to protect the relief valve and the safe use of devices, is also a relief valve malfunction signal device. If the valve pad, damage to the valve, or due to other reasons, cause the outlet pressure to rise and more than a certain permission value, the safety valve will automatically open the exhaust. The use of oxygen and pressure relief valve method ( 1) According to the different using requirements, there are many specifications oxygen and pressure relief valve. The highest inlet pressure mostly, the minimum inlet pressure not less than 2 of outlet pressure. 5 times. Outlet pressure and specifications, as commonly, top outlet pressure is. ( 2) When installing the relief valve shall determine whether the connection specification is consistent with the sub cylinder and use the system. Pressure relief valve connected to the cylinder using hemispherical, screw the nut on the two perfectly match. Therefore, when use should remain on the surface of the two hemispheres is bright and clean, in order to ensure a good airtight effect. Before the installation can use high pressure gas blowing dust. When necessary, can be materials such as ptfe gasket. ( 3) Stop working, and pressure relief valve should be residual air in the net, then loosen the adjusting screw to avoid long elastic element compression deformation. ( 4) Oxygen and pressure relief valve should be forbidden contact grease, in order to avoid fire accidents. ( 5) The relief valve should avoid impact vibration, cannot be in contact with corrosive substances. Other gases and pressure relief valve some gases, such as the permanent gas such as nitrogen, air, argon, oxygen and pressure relief valve can be used. But there are some gases, corrosive gases such as ammonia, requires special relief valves. Common on the market there are nitrogen, air, hydrogen, ammonia, acetylene, propane, steam and other special relief valves. Use method and matters needing attention of the pressure relief valve with oxygen and pressure relief valve are basically the same. However, should also be pointed out that: special relief valve is generally not to be used for other gases. In order to prevent misuse, and some special pressure relief valve and the cylinder between the use of special connectors. Such as hydrogen and propane adopt left thread, also known as a reverse thread, when installation should pay special attention to.
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