The working principle of the pneumatic V type ball valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
The working principle of the pneumatic V type ball valve, pneumatic V type ball valve is to rely on rotary valve chain to keep the valve open or closed. Pneumatic ball valve switch lightweight, small size, can make a large caliber, reliable sealing, simple structure, convenient maintenance, sealing surface and the spherical often in the closed state, not easily be medium erosion, has been widely used in various industries. Pneumatic V type ball valve and plug valve is belong to the same type of valve, only its closure is a ball, the ball around the center line of the body as a rotation to achieve a kind of open and close the valve. The characteristics of the pneumatic V type ball valve, pneumatic V type ball valve by v-shaped body and ZSQ type of actuator and other accessories. Advanced control valve is a quarter-turn structure. V-shaped ball valve does not need to repair for a long time, long service life and gives you a real high efficiency to control the process conditions of a valve. Have excellent control characteristic, v-shaped ball valve is approximate equal percentage flow characteristic and up to 300:1 adjustable ratio. So the v-shaped ball valve can be in wide range of change provides precise control. Most reliable ( Security) Sex, the body as a whole structure, strong and durable, operation is not affected by the pipeline pressure a, and can avoid leakage of the valve body. Maximum flow capacity, because of its streamlined dilettante and quarter-turn full control of reason, make the maximum volume is extremely high, flow capacity particularly big, small flow resistance, so you can use the smaller more economic use of the valve size. V-shaped ball valve with double bearing structure, mechanical stability, high starting torque is small, ensure that the valve has good sensitivity and speed of induction. Article out mau valve: WWW. zjxmfm。 com
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