The working principle of the safety valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
Safety valve is a kind of the static pressure on import automatic pressure protection device, it is one of the most important safety accessories for pressure vessel, its function is: when the container pressure exceeds a certain value, depending on the medium itself pressure automatically open the valve door, quickly get rid of a certain number of media. When the pressure inside the container to the permissible value, the valve automatically shut down again, the container pressure allows was always lower than the upper limit, automatically to prevent possible accidents due to overpressure, so the safety valve is also known as the final protection device of pressure vessel. Safety valve common failures and causes of 【 Safety valve leakage 】 ( 1) The valve core and valve seat interface is not tight; ( 2) The valve core and valve seat interface with dirt; ( 3) The valve rod deflection. Safety valve to the pressure is not open, 1) The valve core and valve seat stick, can do manual exhaust test to rule out; ( 2) Spring loaded safety valve adjustment of the spring pressure is too big, should be readjusted; ( 3) Moving back lever type safety valve of a heavy hammer, hammer should be moved to the original position of the constant pressure, with limit screw fastening.
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