The world's first AP1000 nuclear blast valve in the final hydrostatic test

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
Eastern time on February 14, in the morning, the world's first AP1000 DuiXing plant smoothly with blasting valve * hydraulic pressure test, the National Nuclear Safety Administration station of north China's supervision personnel to the United States and the United States to attend the NRC nuclear tube officials saw this important moment. Blasting valve is pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant unit introduced AP1000 nuclear safety equipment, a total of 12 single units, used for automatic decompression system level 4 automatic decompression subsystem, low-pressure injection circuit and containment vessel loop again. Blast valve driven by gunpowder, through electrical igniter of driving device, ignition, exploded the gunpowder inside the cartridge, its energy make a fixed tension bolt fracture of piston, piston rapid decline in the valve port in airtight cover shear cut, make the valve opened. During normal operation, blasting valve closed, accident when the valve opens, the action process is not reversible, after every action, all parts should be removed within the valve replacement. The NRC as AP1000 nuclear in charge blasting valve not active technology of key equipment, in view of the existing before testing and supervision and inspection, in service to the plant owner party put forward a lot of specific requirements, these requirements will be the owner to one of the conditions of power plant operating license. February 13 solstice. 17, 2012, the NRC nuclear tube will be 7 supervision personnel of blasting valve manufacturer SPX has carried on the supervision and inspection, inspection results overall is satisfactory. National nuclear security administration station of north China's supervision personnel, to the United States by the NRC core tube will be invited as observers, the participated in the NRC monitoring activities, and witnessed the AP1000 together first * of blasting valve hydraulic pressure test. The first blast valve * final hydrostatic test is completed, the rest of the blast valve * final assembly and test work will be carried out in succession. World's first AP1000 nuclear blast valve in the United States to complete * final hydrostatic test ball valve working principle and practical effect of pneumatic ball valve in the pipeline
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