There are many kinds of valve seal form, what do you know?

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
Between the valves are manufactured to the end, the valve should pass, large and small, multiple test for many times, in the sealing performance test is one of the sealing is to investigate whether the valve qualified one of the important indicators. Pneumatic valve, so, how many kinds of valve sealing? Look small make up together with you. A larger pattern whether or electric ball valves, pneumatic ball valve valve sealing parts are the same, there are 3: between the open-close part and the valve seat, packing and between stem and packing gland, and between the body and cover. If first leaked, belong to internal leakage, affects the truncation of the valve capacity; Two leak after belongs to the leakage, the flow direction of medium can lead to valve, thereby causing loss to the raw material and pollution. As a result, the valve leak is to be avoided. In general, our valve seal form can be divided into two kinds of dynamic seals and static seals. Dynamic seal refers to stem seal, mainly to prevent medium with stem movement caused by a leak, and can be subdivided into stuffing box type, filler type and bellows seal. Static seal refers to two static seal between surfaces, through the role of the gasket sealing effect. Often use the gasket material with nonmetal ( Asbestos, etc. ) , metals ( Stainless steel) And composite materials ( Soft sealing butterfly valve) And so on. A larger model in general, manufacturers can choose according to need to seal and seal material, after all, the nature of the medium and using the environment will directly affect the choice of materials, then after will be produced in product testing to ensure the sealing performance in good condition.
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