There is a sale on August steel exports of record for 5 years or difficult to continue

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
September 8, the General Administration of Customs in steel import and export data released by the China's steel exports in August of 6. 14 million tons, for the first time in nearly five years above 6 million tons. Is the traditional off-season, but steel external demand recovery in August, for domestic steel mills in excess capacity vortex, like a nice surprise. Have, according to the steel trade, under the background of domestic demand is still weak, steel demand is growing, just release a buffer time to domestic consumption. Steel exports in August, however, the average price declines obviously, during the month of the export price of $804 / ton, compared with $857 / ton in July numerical, fall significantly. Analysts told reporters that under the cost pressure, the recent steel prices into the consolidation period, domestic manufacturers to demand a sales promotion strategy, or unsustainable. August exports exceed 6 million tons of steel under the external drive, steel exports in August & other; Buck & throughout; And give a shot in the arm to the domestic steel mills. Previously, China's steel exports have three consecutive months of decline, and data in August, from July 5. 15 million increase of exports of 990000 tons, rose 16. 1% year-on-year growth, which is 44. 8%. In addition, China imported 1. 23 million tons of steel in August and increase from July, 50000 tons, a slight increase compared to the 2. 5%; At the same time, imported 70000 tons of steel billet in August. In June, steel imports of 1. 08 million tons. To this, the personage inside course of study analysis, considering the factors of customs clearance delays, exports in August, the list was established in July. Compared with previous weakness recorded in the second half of this year, from July 1, the domestic steel prices began to rebound. , according to the steel index in late July, steel prices rose to 3660 yuan/ton, from July 1, 3390 yuan/ton, prices rose 270 yuan/ton, up 8%. Foshan city, guangdong province, one of steel trade, said domestic demand improve did not see clearly, but under the domestic steel prices rising expectations, at the end of June and early July domestic manufacturer received orders is on the rise. The institutional analysis thinks, in August, the domestic steel market clinch a deal the waning, social inventory and steel mills are still falling, while steel production growth is not big, illustrates the external demand on this to make the contribution. Low price promotion strategy, or difficult to persistent it's worth noting that Europe and the United States and other countries economic recovery is expected to gradually strong, China's steel exports in August, or will no longer rely too much on emerging market countries. A big increase in steel exports in August, its main constitution also lies in the European and American countries economic recovery. In the industry point of view, steel consumption off-season is Europe and in August, but it comes at a time when the steel at the bottom of the inventory cycle, season is expected in September, the intermediate links entrance in advance purchase, driving steel orders rose. However, analysts told reporters that in the European and American countries under the expectations of an economic recovery, China's steel market and foreign market price advantage, is an important factor to drive export growth. In his view, the domestic steel prices tend to have 20 ~ 30 dollars/tons of price advantage, and foreign traders to make an inquiry, domestic manufacturers and will generally take some bargains promotion strategy. However, with the current domestic steel price of plate, the cost is high, steel mills at a low price strategy or difficult to for a long time. Steel index, Sept. 11, 3630 yuan/ton steel index, only on July 31, 3620 yuan/ton higher than the price of 10 yuan/ton. , according to analysts' estimates, in the middle of July, with the rise in export price, buyers demand is insufficient, in October or so Chinese exports of finished steel or will improve the link url: WWW. zjxmfm。 com
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