Think of stainless steel valve metal gasket installation

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
Think of stainless steel valve metal gasket installation of stainless steel valves are suitable for heat conduction oil, toxic, flammable, permeability is strong, pollution environment, fluid pipeline with radioactive as cut-off valve, can also be used to adjust, is to create quality products of the factory without leakage. Spiral wound gasket used preformed metal belt and fillings and tightly wrapped around. Stainless steel valve in the gasket surfaces in fillings should be flush with the metal round belt, basically not to sink. The thickness of the metal around the belt should be 0. 006 - 0. 009 inches. Spiral wound gasket winding, began to should be at least without fillings of metal belt around 3 laps, should also at least without fillings at the end of the metal belt around three circles. Around the metal gasket inner ring around the belt should be spot welding, at least three uniform solder joints, solder joint interval should be not more than 3 inches. Around the spacer metal outer ring around the belt should have three solder joints, one of the solder joint is eventually solder joints, about 1. Range of 50 inches. Final spot outside there are no more than four laps around the loose metal around the band, the metal around the belt can be used to ensure pads with appropriate to the outer ring. When determining the gasket diameter, these plus the loose metal around the belt is not included. In addition to the customer special provision, each outer ring gasket should be attached with the positioning. Stainless steel valves on the inner diameter of the outer ring should be work out corresponding set gasket groove. In order to prevent high pressure spiral wound gasket caused by bolt corresponding high load of compression damage, for class 900 specifications level equal to greater than 24, 1500 pounds of NPS specifications is equal to the size of the NI & # 39; S class 12 and 2500 specifications is greater than that of NPS 4 spiral wound gasket with inner ring and outer ring is required. The flange diameter, eccentric installation and largest accumulated tolerances of the combination of the most unfavorable conditions, the inner ring can be extended to the flange hole length 0. 6 inches. Stainless steel valves spiral wound gasket should be designed as a uniform stress (screw inspection as flange joint In the thread root nominal diameter) For 25000 pounds per square inch, used in 150. For class 300 and 600 specifications for NPS % NPS fresh and the thickness of the gasket may solution of NPS 1 to 0. 130± 0. 005 inches; Uniform stress for each square screw inspection for 30000 pounds, but all other specifications and pressure rating of the thickness of the gasket compression to zero. 130± 0. 005 inches. The inner ring is used to prevent the gasket compression or crushed. When the buyer has a regulation, stainless steel valves except other specifications of the spiral wound gasket ring outside, still should provide conforms to the requirements of the inner ring. The inner ring should limit the use of socket welding or welding neck flange.
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