Three hydraulic solenoid valve combination grinding cycle

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-20
Three grinding cycle of shanxi hydraulic solenoid valve combination to realize electronic technology eeleader times the M type grinding machine is a kind of electromechanical equipment requires high degree of automation, to transform the traditional relay control with PLC and frequency control of motor speed technology of centerless grinding machine control circuit, changed the traditional control mode with a core of time relay time, realized the automatic control of centerless grinding machine working procedure, achieved good economic benefits. Key words centerless grinding machine; PLC; Frequency converter; Automatic control quote M type grinding machine is short for M type centerless grinder, is a kind of requires high degree of automation machine tool equipment, mainly for conicity of axisymmetrical parts has been less than the cone and various molding grinding, additional grinding bracket, can make grinding. Grinding machine control system has been using relay logic control, wheel speed regulation by dc transform device control dc motor, neither is convenient, and low efficiency. In order to solve the control system of grinding machine faults, the electric control system to the new design. To transform the traditional relay control with PLC and frequency control of motor speed technology of grinding machine control circuit, changed with the core of time relay relay logic control method, realized the automatic control of the grinding process. With inverter control the turning speed of the grinding machine guide turn motor, dc motor with ac motor, the past can greatly improve the transmission efficiency, simple and convenient. M type M type grinding machine grinding machine control process requirement and process consists of five sets of ac motor drive, one of the electric motor to be infinitely variable speed control, control station get stepless variable speed motor with frequency converter. Master motor control objects are respectively lubrication, cooling, grinding wheel, hydraulic and idler pulley. According to the demand of M type grinding machine grinding cut into the learning process in a running cycle is controlled by a solenoid valve, respectively, a to complete the work object, a cycle of operation as shown. Can be seen from the diagram, a job object are roller speed into, idler pulley retreat quickly, pushing rod pushing back, pushing rod. M type electric main circuit design for M type grinder frequency control of motor speed control principle of main circuit wiring diagram. QS for air switch, hydraulic motor M and M wheel motor can be random start-stop, grinding wheel motor motor M M and lubrication between for sequence control mode, namely the lubrication motor M first started, the grinding wheel motor M after startup. M wheel motor controlled by frequency converter, stepless speed regulation. The content of the written as can be. Stepless speed regulation by frequency converter on an external potentiometer adjustment. PLC I/O address allocation Japan mitsubishi inverter to choose FR - E series frequency converter, PLC is chosen Japan mitsubishi FX series FXNMR type PLC. M type a work cycle, centerless grinding machine grinding machine's actual plunge-cut grinding cycle is implemented by a different work combination of hydraulic solenoid valve, three solenoid valve are respectively CT, CT, CT, for example, slowly into the wheel frame is connected at the same time by CT, CT, pushing rod is pushing by CT through to implementation. Grinding machine for plunge-cut grinding cycle as shown in table. The first page of the first page, pp
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