Transport of electric valve pay attention to the problem

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
Wuxi east technology co. , LTD. Is a collection of the control valve industry manufacturing, development, production, assembly, sales and service in the integration of science and technology enterprises, professional research and development of electric valve, pneumatic valves, hydraulic valves, pneumatic actuators and various kinds of complete sets of pneumatic valve. Our company produce all kinds of pneumatic ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves, regulating valve, gate valve, globe valve, flat gate valve and pneumatic device or valve products. 1. Factory of ball valve and plug valve open-close part should be in an open position, the other opening and closing of the valve should be in the closed position, check valve open-close part should be in the closed position and fixed. 2. The valve should be packing shipment. For nominal size is smaller than DN40 packing and all kinds of valves shall be shipped, for not less than nominal size (all kinds of valves, except as stipulated in the contract, can be packaged in bulk or in other ways, but must ensure that no damage and missing parts in the process of normal transportation. 3. Land transport packing should be put inside can prevent wind and rain of box car, manufacturer shall adopt waterproof canvas cover, if by sea transport, take measures to prevent equipment inside and outside surface of the Marine environment of salt fog corrosion. 4. Transport packaging should be complete, neat. The cargo should be uniformly distributed load, neat, packing, the goods right under the fixed position, center of gravity center to rely on. 5. Loading and shipment of the cases must be fixed, fight due to vibration in the process of transportation, and damage the integrity of the wooden cases. 6. Loading and unloading process should pay attention to safety, lifting equipment shall not be used for more than its rated load weight lifting. 7. If outside sign position have lifting transport, must be strictly enforced, prevent accident damage valve. 8. Export the valve adopts the container shipment as soon as possible. 9. Valve factory with product certification, product specifications and packing list.
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