travel: the caribbean\'s pressure valve

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It may not have the earth-
The great potential of the carat cartoon, even the sufriree Mountain near Montserrat island, but the dormant volcano in St. Lucia --
Also known as Soufriere-
Probably described as Earth. saver.
In the middle of about 600.
Atlas-mile crescent
Spots in the eastern Caribbean, known as the only \"drive in the world-
Since the volcano last exploded at 1780, all it has done is foam and hissing. The drive-
Take you to one to two acres of disappointing boiling mud, steam and sulfur --
From which foul-
The names of the four West Indian Sioux fries are derived from the olfactory element.
Minibuses were led through at such an amazing pace in droves that the experience could take place between late breakfast and brunch.
For those who are frustrated by the apparent lack of lava, the tour guide does not apologize: \"Thanks to us, all the other islands on the fault line have not risen,\" he boasted.
\"This is the safety valve on the pressure cooker where all the gas can escape.
Martinique, St. Vincent and others should really pay us the volcano tax.
\"Science is probably questionable, but humor is the most interesting.
He\'s probably right.
Up to 200 volcano experts maintain weather each year
Pay attention to any subtle changes in Soufriere\'s activities that may herald future disasters, such as all 30,000 inhabitants of the former capital, Martinique, at the beginning of the century, St-
Pierre was smothered or burned during the eruption of Mount Peli.
And, for the latter
A day of silence, under St. Lucia
The performing volcano left behind two scenic spots in the West India: The dramatic Patton peak, which soared almost beyond the clouds.
St. Lucia\'s 240-square-mile rainforest, banana plantations, and contrasting coastline do not lack eyes --Capture vision.
Most tourists live in the north.
Low West
Just briefly ruined the rise of the Beach hotel.
A section of the coastline near the capital strip was sacrificed by a huge American. owned oil-
The warehouse is in the north, on the empty sand belt between Rodney Bay and 18
Century British Navy-
On Pigeon Island, a large Hyatt House was struck in the shape of a noisy palm tree.
However, just a few miles away, the potholes on the island\'s main roads are so deep and so dangerous that locals protest by placing banana plants in the middle of the driveway --
In case the Minister of Roads happens to pass.
The gap between the rich and the poor in Saint Lucia is as obvious as anywhere in the developing world, but the fact that the beaches on the island are public means that these two extremes collide in daily life.
Even the most luxurious hotel customers will wake up from the beach on a regular basis.
Hawkes play the cat game sleepand-
Illegally trade skin balm with beach police (
You need a license from a supplier)to drugs (Direct ban).
Quote for a beautifully carved coconut bird-
Feeder or half necklace
The gems will always come with a soft \"I can give you the best ganja on the island, man \".
Of course, it is tempting for some people, but it is sinister and threatening for others.
The trader will make the corresponding quotation according to your size.
One of them is fast
When he found an older, sunburned American lady approaching, he tactfully gave up his attempt to sell me drugs.
\"Take out the thorns on your skin, Madam!
\"He cried, like the rabbit on the magician\'s hat, and took out an aloe from his schoolbag.
I was surprised by his marketing skills, but I was concerned that the black market people not only did damage to bananas on the island --
The dependence of the economy also affects its image.
However, heavy sales cooled in the sun for a few days.
The torso began to turn yellow, and the anxiety retreated. A beach --
Wise cool was developed.
A young jeweler who had just graduated from school finally gave up his sales model and told us his dream: one day he wanted to run a team of motorboats.
But why is he not looking for a job in a new hotel?
\"It doesn\'t make sense to work there, man --
They paid me 40 yuan a day.
Eastern Caribbean: less than 10-
You can sell a necklace to tourists.
\"It\'s hard to feel offended after that.
We set foot on the island from Gatwick Gray, eager not to waste a few precious days in the sun, just on the beach.
We booked a series of trips.
Take a Jeep to the rainforest and mountains, take a sunset cruise on tall boats, and visit the history of the colonial plantation.
All of this is well worth and improved, but completely covered up by simple, easy thingsliving, mind-
Empty magic of Caribbean beach.
We calmed down almost immediately.
The color is really as bright as the poster of the travel agency.
Even the most trembling swimmers will be tempted by the shadow of the palm on the beach and the warm waves.
Buildings in the Caribbean eased the heat.
In the air conditioner, it blew the letter of Columbus before 500.
In order to accompany the master of the Sun, the distant sounds of reggae and Kalipso are offset by the chorus of tree frogs, which is a pleasant reminder that you are far from home.
On the last day, we were almost dragged away from the beach, determined never to allow a winter to pass without returning to the Caribbean --
Although it is better to be a little cheaper in the future.
We barely scratch the surface of the island, but it doesn\'t seem to matter.
It doesn\'t seem like a big deal.
Perhaps this is the best thing St. Lucia can offer.
We touched the valve and all the pressure was released.
As the wise man of soufriel promised.
Frank Patric spent 11 nights in Saint Lucia with Cooney and spent £ 976 (01306 742222)
, Including regular flights from Gatwick and rooms to British Airways
Accommodation for only three people
Star Rex St. Lucian
1999 St. Lucia Jazz Festival was held on the island in May 16.
For more details, please contact the St. Lucia Tourism Bureau, 42 1a fin3 6HJ Finchley Road, London (0171-431 3675)or visit www. stluciajazz.
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