Two-way flow cutting ball valve advantages in practical application

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-08
Two-way flow head spin ball valve is one of the world's most sophisticated, the highest ratio of most of the valve ball valve pipe network system, mainly used for medium truncated and adjustment, this part of the valve in the system as a whole accounted for more than major, dosage, more durable, cost-effective for valve at the same time should be adjusted when medium positive flow and load break, while the differential transform or maintenance can prevent the backflow medium, which has a two-way cutting function. A few days ago, this part of the valve in the pipeline system, the main application of the cut-off valve, gate valve, butterfly valve and ball valve. Globe valve and gate valve, with good two-way cutting function, sealing performance and using life is pretty good, all the valve is one of the first, but stop valve door type structure of congenital restrictions, appearance is big operation torque, production of large diameter, the largest on the market at present only to DN400; Gate valve, no adjustment function to adjust flow exist gate off great dangers, and large-diameter gate also with its huge shape and height, the difficulties in the manufacturing and transportation. Compared with the butterfly valve and gate valve opening and closing time is short, the operating torque is small, light weight and small installation space features, such as part of the division of labor with butterfly valve gate valve instead. However, has been the butterfly valve sealing performance has not fully meet the market requirements, in addition to the midline rubber lining can be two-way sealing butterfly valve can to a certain pressure range, other basic for uniflow structure. The midline structures restricted by rubber can't popularity. Improved, appear on the market has both elastic piece structure of stainless steel butterfly valve, but its high cost. Is mainly used in petroleum, natural gas, coal gas and other medium is relatively important line, in general network, especially water system application. General pipe network system, valves are the largest exactly have superior performance, price moderate, can two-way sealed, without being limited by the aperture of the valve? The answer is yes! Design experience for many years to develop two-way flow head spin ball valve is the superior combination of ball valve sealing performance and the advantages of butterfly valve structure performance research and development, it is with ball valve sealing, two-way adjustable, long service life and practical advantages, and a butterfly valve structure of the advantages of small volume, light weight. The essence of the hemisphere of an eccentric structure of butterfly valve. Sealing principle combined with the front end of the fixed ball valve sealing force with eccentric butterfly valve seal, so as to realize the high and low voltage two-way cut off. In the seal of the two seal surface can be used according to the different hardness space plasma spraying, the etheric laser sputtering, vacuum after pile of advanced technology such as the protection permeating martensitic stainless steel, austenite stainless steel, hard alloy, metal, ceramics, functionally gradient materials such as synthetic diamond. Automatically to align the center ( Adaptive) , automatic wear, the more distance compensation automatic high sealing specific pressure, closing, instantaneous moment without friction between open seal, when open the valve core projection and expanding, xiaoke manufacturing large diameter size and short structure, super-large diameter, large caliber, large caliber valve, transportation, installation, convenient maintenance, reliable running and a series of merits, become a major technological revolution of the valve industry. The valve with its superior cost-effective, will cause the change of pipeline valves, it makes the common network, especially in the system of water pipe network can be enjoyed with cheap price for thermal power, gas and other high-end system equivalent of high-performance, high-quality products to become a reality! Article writing: always fine letter WWW mau valve co. , LTD. zjxmfm。 com
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