Type and working principle of self regulating valve performance

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
Types and working principle of self-reliance self-reliance type adjustment valve performance type adjustment valve performance also called self-reliance self-reliance type adjustment valve control valve type, type is a new kind of regulating valve, just as its name implies is do not need the power converter and secondary instrument, rely on through the medium itself in the valve pressure, temperature, as energy drive valve door work, using the output feedback signal (valve Pressure, differential pressure, temperature) , through the signal to the actuator, drive the valve disc to change the valve opening of the door, to achieve the purpose of regulating pressure, flow, temperature. Regulating valve type self-reliance self-reliance type regulating valve according to the structure features, general can be divided into: self-reliance type temperature control valve, self-reliance, self-reliance type pressure regulating valve flow regulating valve, etc. , can be used to automatically adjust the applicable to most of the fluid medium. It will effectively energy into driving force of fluid, so as to control valve doors open to close. Self-reliance type adjustment valve working principle when the dielectric fluid from the valve seat valve before flowing through the valve core throttling, into the valve after pressure. Then after on line input chamber at the top of the tray, then the force as opposed to a spring's reaction, etc. Thus determines the relative position of the valve seat valve core, so as to control the valve after pressure. When the valve after pressure increase in particular of the action of force also will increase, make the cage to the position of the valve seat valve core, so the gap between the valve core and valve seat is reduced, reduce the flow resistance change after the big valve pressure. Until a particular reaction force and the spring on the phase equilibrium, so that the valve after pressure drop to the default values. When valve after pressure reducing, direction, in contrast to the said before, this is the self regulating valve of the workflow. For traditional control valve, self regulating valve does not need external energy, is only by adjust the output signal of the medium, can effectively adjust the properties of fluid, this not only save some of the extra spending, can also reduce energy use, to the call of the national energy conservation and emissions reduction.
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