Under the new opportunity of stainless steel valves should have what kind of features

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
With the increasingly improved valve industry, stainless steel valve has a bright market prospect is widely. A lot of the personage inside course of study thinks, in the past few years, the quantity and quality of Chinese stainless steel valve got a big promotion, industry application and market prospects are very broad, in the next few years will be toward the direction of bigger and stronger. In the industrial field, especially in the oil industry, the application of stainless steel valve is indispensable. In the field of industry, more and more strict for valve products. And stainless steel valves from the product to the technology in China, compared with advanced foreign markets, there is a certain gap, in the high-end stainless steel valve industry and a large part of the development. In addition, according to statistics, every year, the annual output value of billions in petrochemical enterprises in China, and in terms of nuclear power, by 2020, China's nuclear power capacity will reach 75 gigawatts (gw), the development of these industries will bring a lot of demand for the valve market. Thus it can be seen that the stainless steel valve industry market is very broad, in addition, with the continuous improvement of people's living standard, stainless steel valves also played a big role in civilian areas, market is also growing. Real estate industry, environmental protection industry, municipal, power and other industries in the increasingly extensive application, especially in the real estate industry and the continuous improvement of residents' quality of life, for real estate enterprises use safer, more reliable and durable valve, and stainless steel valves just can meet these requirements. In addition, because the production of stainless steel valve materials compared to cast iron valves, more environmental protection, durable, ordinary residents in use were also more willing to choose stainless steel valves. But in the end, under the background of The Times of advocating innovation, stainless steel valve industry to want to obtain a bigger development, innovation is undoubtedly an advance developing stainless steel valve of the engine. At the same time, innovation is also one of stainless steel valve industry development direction in the future, the market prospect for stainless steel valve industry also brought new opportunities. Stainless steel valves should have what kind of characteristics: 1, stainless steel valves work environment is usually some has certain corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance; 2, has the very good resistance to common organic acids and salt water, did very well in high temperature applications. 3, sensitive and reliable stainless steel valve movement displacement; 4, in use process without special maintenance to keep leakage; 5, to save energy reduce Labour and environmental pollution has obvious applications. The ability of corrosion of stainless steel valve size is as the chemical composition of steel itself, environmental conditions and using the medium type and change, therefore also need maintenance maintenance, general is swabbed clean, remove attachments, remove rust external factors.
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