Understanding of the fundamentals of stainless steel valve assembly at nine o 'clock

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-23
9 can understand stainless steel valve assembly base material of the production of stainless steel valve has health level and food grade: sanitary stainless steel valves is to point to meet the requirements of GB stainless steel material, its lead, chromium content of stainless steel is much lower than normal. Food grade stainless steel valves and all kinds of food storage containers and food processing machinery should choose austenite stainless steel (size 1Cr18Ni9Ti,0Cr19Ni9,1Cr18Ni9) 。 Physical and chemical indicators: food-grade stainless steel valve food-grade stainless steel refers to food machinery parts that come in direct contact with food, must conform to the requirements of food safety. Because food production process to use a lot of acid and alkali, and stainless steel containing chromium, unqualified stainless steel, will dissolve out of various price chromium, toxic; And required to limit the variety of metal impurity elements such as lead, cadmium content. Stainless steel valve assembly can understand thoroughly from the following nine: 1. The parts of the assembly must have a inspection certificate and sign. 2. Main dimension and roughness of parts should be rechecked, and optimize the combination. 3. After assembly, when the stainless steel valve is closed, the disc center should be higher than the seat center, two-thirds of its value of single ram for valve seat sealing surface width; Double ram for 1/2 of the width of the valve seat sealing surface. 4. After assembly fasteners should be tightened, and may not be loose. Fastener assembly, heat-resistant thread grease should be applied for screw. 5. The assembly of parts surface and the friction surface can not have influence performance of scratch. 6. After the stainless steel valves equipped with, travel switch of electric device should be coordinated to be synchronous with the valve fully open and closed position. Globe valve closing is given priority to with torque protection device. Induction electric change manually, the handwheel rotates hand even. 7. The assembly of parts and components ( Including purchased parts and outsourcing parts) Can not have burr, rust, and the processing surface, bruised is visual inspection qualified. 8. The spectrum inspection before assembly. 9. In the process of manual valves, valve rod can not have jamming phenomenon, feel is smooth.
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