Use the butterfly valve selection criteria

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
1, made suitable for large diameter valves ( Such as DN600 above) 2, the structure requiring short length appropriate chooses butterfly valve 3, should not be used for high temperature and high pressure pipeline system, commonly used in ≦ 80 degrees, ≦ 1. 0 mpa crude oil, oil, water and other media. 4, due to the butterfly valve relative to the gate valve, ball valve pressure loss is bigger, so the butterfly valve is suitable for the pressure loss is relaxed in the pipe system of 5, in the need for flow control line should choose 6, on-off requires rapid suitable for choosing butterfly valve 7, usually in throttling control and mud medium, demand structure length is short, opening and closing speed, low voltage cutoff ( Small pressure difference) Recommend using butterfly valve 8, in the two position adjustment, reducing channel, low noise, gasification, there were a small amount of leakage into the atmosphere, corrosive medium, optional butterfly valve. Under special circumstances throttling adjustment, or seal strict, or serious wear and tear, low temperature, Cryogenic) , and so on and so forth under the condition of using butterfly valve, metal sealing adjusting device of the need to use special design three special eccentric or double eccentric butterfly valve.
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