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by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-13
The vacuum pump is a device that removes the gas from the sealing space to produce part or all of the vacuum.The vacuum pump was originally invented in 1650 by Otto von guric and is usually used for various industrial and scientific purposes.There are several different types of vacuum pumps, including positive displacement pumps, momentum transfer pumps, and trap pumps.
Vacuum pumps are commonly used in the freezing and drying process of perishable foods and other materials.During the freeze-drying process, the pressure is added to the frozen food using a vacuum pump and heat.This causes the chilled water in the food to skip the liquid phase and change directly from solid to gas.
Freeze-drying is usually used to preserve perishable items for a long time, such as during transportation and storage.Vacuum pumps are often used in medical processes that require suction.They are also used in medical applications such as radiotherapy and radiosurgery.
The vacuum pump is used for the coating of certain items, including vacuum coating and glass coating for decoration.Vacuum coating is a mechanical procedure for applying the coating to certain materials in which the material is transmitted at a fast and constant speed through a coating machine or an application changer.The engine of the F1 car uses a hard vacuum coating.
Depending on the type, the vacuum coating can be used for decoration, durability and even energy saving measures.The vacuum pump is used to remove contaminants from the AC system before charging with refrigerant.Most aircraft use vacuum pumps to drive certain flight meters.
The flight instrument can be divided into pressure measuring instrument and gyro instrument.The gyro meter is the type that can drive the vacuum pump
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