Using the diaphragm valve maintenance and installation

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
Diaphragm valve is a special kind of block valve, diaphragm valve opening and closing is a diaphragm, made with soft materials within the valve body cavity with the valve cover cavity and drive components separated, therefore calls the diaphragm valve. Diaphragm valve maintenance and installation to use notice: 1. The diaphragm valve should be stored in dry and ventilated room, forbidden stacked. 2. Inventory diaphragm valve must be sealed on both ends of the channel, to prevent foreign matter into the inner cavity and damage the sealing parts. And should avoid contact with oil or other flammable items. 3. Diaphragm valve of the surface of the metal processing should remove dirt, and coated with anti-rust oil. Oil cup domestic demand often note with grease. 4. Lining rubber or rubber diaphragm surface do not besmear brushs oil kind items, lest produce rubber swelling and affect the service life of the valve. 5. During storage or during the outage, should the handwheel counterclockwise, exposing the valve is in qi state, to avoid lose diaphragm due to long-term compression elasticity. 6. In the process of transportation or installation, sling shall not be tied on the hand wheel or valve stem. And are strictly prohibited with metal or other hard objects bump shot, in order to prevent damage to parts and rubber lining. 7. Carefully before installation, check the operation condition and the medium in the pipeline are in conformity with the applicable scope of this valve, avoid unnecessary losses, improper selection and even accidents. 8. In addition to the road should not be used in vacuum tubes, two-way flow can be installed at any position in the pipeline, but should ensure the operation and maintenance convenience. 9. Before installation, the valve body cavity should be clean, prevent dirt jam or damage the sealing parts, and check the parts whether connecting screw bolt uniform fastening. 10. Must check in the operation of the parts in contact with the medium, and according to the actual usage, regular change of vulnerable parts. 11. Should be paid attention to when the replacement of the diaphragm, not the diaphragm twist too tight or too loose. 12. Applied to intermittent operation of pipeline, during the stop using, should be cleaning contact area with the media, to prolong service life. 13. Hand control valve diaphragm may, at the time of using auxiliary leverage to make the valve opening and closing, so as to avoid excessive torque and drive the damaged parts or sealing parts. 14. After the repair of the diaphragm valve, before application, should be stipulated in the relevant test for leakage test qualified rear can install.
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