Valve knowledge lecture hall: copper valve maintenance matters needing attention

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-17
1, copper oxygen after cut-off valve installed on the pipeline, should be stipulated in the system design of system strength closely and leakage test, special clean sweep process was carried on. 2, manual valve should be set by fixed platform, so that the operation and maintenance, manual ball valve diameter greater than 70 mm, only before and after the valve differential pressure of 0. Are allowed to operate within 3 mpa. When operating, standing on the valve side, slow operation. Adjust the use copper oxygen valve can do about it. Three oxygen, copper valve in the transport, storage process, the rain moistureproof and banned oil should be paid attention to. 4, often operating valves, try choosing pneumatic valve. 5, to prevent fire, working pressure is greater than zero. 6 mpa copper oxygen before, during and after the stop valve shall be connected section copper alloy ( Or stainless steel) Pipe, the length is not less than 5 times the pipe diameter, and not less than 1. 5 m, and shall furnish all pipe fittings. 6, copper oxygen valve after stopping for a long time, should be to use special cleaning thoroughly again. 7, copper oxygen valve connection line or attachment flange gasket should choose annealing softening of aluminium, copper or copper wire. Eight, to extend the service life of the valve, gate valve and ball valve should be used full open and close. Do throttling use should not be partially open. Because partially open, rolling of medium erosion sealing surface of disc and the ball, when medium have impurities, the erosion effect is bigger. 9, valves do not remove the installation when installation, if you want to remove the installation, please be sure to do identification, especially for gate valve, reinstall the gate after direction should be the same as before in the same direction. 10, plumbing valves are not allowed to use in the transport of combustible gases, corrosive medium in the pipeline, such as the need to be used in the pipeline, the suggestion of choose and buy special valves, such as gas ball valves, stainless steel valves, etc
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