Valve standard interpretation of the The valve fire test 】

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
Petrochemical industry is one of the pillar industries of national economy, its production process is complex, and used in the production process of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products are flammable and explosive substances, such as easy to cause fire and explosion accidents. Due to use valves in some easy ignition occasion due to potential risk of fire, the valves are often in these situations should be special design makes the valve after a certain time of the fire is still has some sealing performance and operating performance. In measuring the fire-resistant performance of the valve, fire test is an important means. Numerous for valve fire test standards at home and abroad, and the test method and criterion is not the same, so to learn of the standard, to understand the valve of fire test requirements and improve the fire-resistant performance of the valve has the vital significance. Test - ISO10497 valve Valve fire testing requirements of the United States API standard: API 607 turn 1/4 weeks and nonmetal valve seat valve fire-proof experiment API 6 fa valve fire-proof experiment specification API fd check the Chinese standard of fire-proof experiment: JB/T 6899 valves a larger fire test pattern 1, scope of ISO10497 standard fire test requirements of valve and valve fire test method, to verify that the valves in the fire test process and pressure on the performance after the fire test, the standard does not include in addition to the manual transmission or the similar mechanical parts of the actuator from the valve assembly of the fire test requirements, the other type of valve drive device ( Such as electric, pneumatic or hydraulic) Need special protection, to ensure that the valve test in setting can be carried out under the condition of operation, this kind of transmission device of large resistance test is not within the standard Fan Guo. 2, note the valve fire test could be dangerous, so safety is a factor to consider. Due to the structure of the test valve, test equipment and fire test reasons, pressure interface may rupture risk will happen, so to protect personal safety, appropriate protective device shall be set up around the test chamber and take other necessary measures. A larger model 3, the experimental principle of the water filling pressure valve in the closed position for fire test, the valve in the environment temperature is 750 ℃ ~ 1000 ℃ flame placed in 30 min. The purpose is to completely surrounded the valve in the fire area, to ensure that the seating and sealing area exposed to high combustion temperature. The internal and external leakage record this period of time. After the fire test cooling, hydrostatic test should be made for the valve to assess the valve shell, seat and seal ability of under pressure.
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