Valves to regulate the evaporation pressure, condensation pressure regulating valve, inspiratory pressure regulating valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-24
Today we talk about the three adjustments of the refrigeration system for valve, they respectively are: valves to regulate the evaporation pressure, condensation pressure regulating valve, inspiratory pressure regulating valve. They can optimize the performance of the refrigeration system, these valves are in the refrigeration system have great significance. Below we one by one. The evaporation pressure, evaporation pressure regulation valve regulating valve alias: Angle valve, back pressure valve. After installation in the evaporator inlet line, used to adjust contains one or more of the evaporator, maintain different minimum evaporation pressure. Evaporating pressure regulating valve in the refrigeration system with more, especially in parallel refrigeration units and more than one temperature on the refrigerator. As we all know, the refrigeration system is cooled in the temperature of the object if the need to maintain at a specified temperature, there must be a constant evaporation temperature, evaporation and temperature control is implemented by evaporation pressure adjustment. When load changes, expansion valve for fluid volume change, will cause the evaporation pressure fluctuations, the evaporation in the evaporator outlet installation method of pressure regulating valve to maintain stable evaporating pressure. Evaporating pressure regulating valve outlet pressure changes will not affect the opening degree, because of the pressure regulator is equipped with a balanced bellows, evaporating pressure regulator with a pressure gauge interface, is used to set the desired evaporation pressure. When cooling load reduction, or to make the compressor refrigeration capacity due to lower condensing pressure rise, due to the compressor refrigeration capacity surplus, must make the evaporating pressure drop. Evaporating pressure regulating valve, the valve door shut down automatically, the compressor suction pressure even drops, also can maintain the evaporation pressure in the set value. Until the evaporating pressure to rise to the set pressure, the valve door opened again. Evaporating pressure regulating valve is the role of the main can be summarized as the following three points: to ensure that the evaporation temperature constant, reduce the temperature fluctuations. To prevent the evaporating pressure is too low, when the evaporation pressure below the set point of the valve door closed. More than one library, can make the different temperature in the evaporator, different evaporation operation under pressure. The condensing pressure, condensation pressure regulating valve regulating valve is generally installed in the condenser cooling water pipe on the road, according to the change of condensation pressure regulating the flow of cooling water. It is through direct induction refrigerant cycle pressure changing and regulating valve doors open, so that enough cooling water flow, thus saving water. In severe environment temperature changes, the system can solve the problem of many condenser control, because it can inhibit the pressure change, so as to prevent problems. When the condensing pressure of cooling system, condensing pressure valve will automatically open, make more of the cooling water into the condenser, accelerate the rate of refrigerants condensation; Conversely, when the condensing pressure drop, condensing pressure valve door will automatically turn down, cut into the condenser cooling water, thus, keep the condensing pressure in a certain range. Condensing pressure regulating valve can be used with differential pressure valve. Under the effect of internal force of spring, the differential pressure valve differential pressure reaches 1. 4 bar began to open to open 3 bar. The greater the pressure difference of valve gate, the opening degree. Differential pressure valve is typically used between the exhaust line and accumulator of heat pipe, the purpose is to maintain accumulator pressure at a certain level. Three suction pressure, suction pressure regulating valve regulating valve alias: crankcase pressure regulating valve, installed in the compressor suction tube, suction pressure regulating valve is installed in the evaporator export and between compressor inlet valve automatically. Inspiratory pressure regulating valve has a direct acting and pilot valve and main valve combination. It regulates the purpose is to avoid compressor to run at high suction pressure, will adjust it according to the outlet pressure steam flow, so as to avoid compressor suction pressure in excess of the prescribed value of imports, to prevent drive the compressor motor overload.
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