Various kinds of electromagnetic valve and magnetic beads liquidometer application technology research is as follows

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-20
Many kinds of category of solenoid valve and the applied magnetic bead liquidometer technology discussion below China solenoid valve solenoid valve with electromagnetic distribution network admin time pressure, electromagnetic air valve, stainless steel solenoid valve and so on, two two-way, respectively, two three links, two four-way reversing valve, can be used to control the oil, water, tracheal system switch on and off. Solenoid valve using dc power supply, must according to the instructions in the figure 'a' on line '+', otherwise the electrical wire coil magnetic field, the movement of contact of the magnetic interference, influence the correct action of the contact. , this kind of valve is used with auxiliary contacts can automatically power dc or ac electromagnet for valve, in addition to DKF stainless steel electromagnetic air valve as long one coil electricity, when the others all adopt double coil short-term electricity system. For long electrified electromagnet coil, is composed of two groups of coil, a set for action, a group for maintenance, so in the case of not reducing suction, can reduce the temperature rise of winding, short-time power winding, according to the long electricity system design, safety degree is high, long service life. Magnetic beads level by level gauge and magnetic memory switch for transmission of two parts, liquid level meter inspcetion in communicating pipe of upper and lower float, float in the position of the magnet steel coincided with h corresponding to its magnetic beads with close to pipe produce magnetic coupling, magnetic beads will always follow the inspcetion, therefore, the location of magnetic beads also reflects the actual container level. Inspcetion USES the equalizer structure, so the magnetic beads level gauge can be used in liquid level measurement and control of high pressure vessel. But should be paid attention to in using the inspcetion use zhongtong trachea should be up, can't use collapse, pressure or go to the first performance. Liquid level gauge, Including pipe and inspcetion) Have been done before they go out water pressure test, so don't repeated hydrostatic test at the scene, in order to avoid damage in the process of pressure rise sharply or sharply put pressure inspcetion. Magnetic beads liquid level meter, such as window connection with cut-off valve and pressure, pressure vessel booster before, should open the cut-off valve, booster to prevent pressure vessel, then suddenly open valve, made to the inside of the pipe pressure rise sharply inspcetion. In magnetic bead level gauge connected directly with the transmitter, can signal DC ~ mA standards, its resolution is mm, available for users to use microcomputer system. Magnetic memory switch is fixed on the wall of pipe, inspcetion rise, to achieve the setting position, switch on, even if the inspcetion continues to rise, away from the switch, switch state is still in the memory; Inspcetion falls, switch on the first release, with down to lower limit setting position, the switch action, memory and make the switch. Magnetic memory switch has the memory function, the contact state of transportation things and move off before wiring to distinguish, because in the transport process or for other reasons, may be in favor of the magnetic memory switch contact disorder, help before wiring, want to use magnets on the pipe outside, under dynamic float, simulate the full range of motion, the magnetic memory switch contact state back to normal. Then connection, put into normal use.
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