Very bullish on the developing situation of solenoid valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-18
Very bullish on the developing situation of solenoid valve time fast electromagnetic industry development in our country in recent years, thanks to the electromagnetic industry technology progress and the growing market of downstream demand, the electromagnetic valve industry in the development of the situation at home and abroad is very positive. Refrigerator solenoid valve, for example, in magnetic refrigerator valve sales of about ten thousand, year-on-year growth %. Reduce the percentage growth rate than years. Flowing from refrigerator solenoid valve in terms of sales, domestic market dominance, though as domestic magnetic valve technology matures, export sales improved, but the export market share and no obvious changes. Although domestic refrigerator manufacturing enterprise is numerous, but the real production of high-end refrigerator is not much, mainly concentrated in foreign investment and several major domestic brands, such as haier, midea, Siemens, hisense kelon, mei ling, LG, etc. Due to the relatively small downstream production layout and thus limits the refrigerator market capacity of electromagnetic valve. The domestic refrigerator solenoid valve market competition pattern is relatively stable. Refrigerator solenoid valve between competition focuses on three flowers and colorful days, according to statistics, the total market share accounted for % of the overall market. In recent years, three flowers for refrigerator, electromagnetic valve, investment has never stopped its own technological upgrading projects going smoothly, on the other hand, will acquire the Germany, electromagnetic valve, enterprises transferred to the domestic production capacity, while its sales are also rise year by year, the market share is up to more than %. Compared with colorful days as a veteran of the electromagnetic valve manufacturing enterprises both in the capacity expansion and market development are slightly with rivals, has been a strategic fade from Japanese customers, and to defend traditional customer market. In the refrigerator, electromagnetic valve, the market for the balanced opponent after a fierce competition, now both stick to the traditional customer base, the competition between, tend to be stable. For refrigerator, electromagnetic valve, the future trend of the development of many in the industry is still full of expectation and optimism, first in terms of downstream demand, although the refrigerator industry is affected by the global economic downturn in the short term is difficult to recover the momentum of rapid growth. And inner bottom consolidation may be in a certain period, but as the state of energy strategy, and developed a series of energy-saving appliances subsidy policy and implementation of energy-saving refrigerator product market share growth trend is irreversible, which will further drive the electromagnetic valve of the market demand. Despite the electromagnetic valve is not the only optional energy-saving refrigerator control refrigerant flow control element, and the electric switch valve in large capacity refrigerator system has obvious cost advantages, but the application of electric switch valve in the domestic market has just started, especially for domestic valve enterprise technical stability remains subject to inspection. Refrigerator electromagnetic valve solenoid valve so in the short term will remain the domestic energy-saving refrigerator preferred control element, in the next few years, electromagnetic valve industry still is expected to % % the growth speed of steady development. According to the analysis of refrigerator solenoid valve exports in Europe and North America is still the main demand market, respectively, about sixty percent of the refrigerator solenoid valve's total exports and thirty percent of market share. And the southeast Asia's market share for each number, although higher overall demand for refrigerators, southeast Asia, but in addition to a few countries and regions, most countries relatively weak demand for high-end refrigerator product. And, in the area of high-end refrigerator products, is a leading manufacturer in refrigerant throttling and domestic enterprises are completely different technical route, the technology itself, focused more on the electric switch valve using the proportion of the solenoid valve is relatively low. Therefore greatly restricted the electromagnetic valve requirements. Although the overseas demand for refrigerator solenoid valve on a smaller scale, however, as the European and American countries on energy policy standards rise, the future will greatly promote the development of high-end energy-efficient appliances products, thus, the European and American market demand for electromagnetic valve will still look good.
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