Warm congratulations on new Shanghai pu valve XiQian thick! !

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
Respect for the general new old users and the social people from all walks of life, you are good! Thank you for a long time the trust and support of our company. Self department since its establishment, business booming development under your strong support. Increasingly fierce market competition in order to continue to maintain the superiority status, better for the majority of new and old customers to provide first-class services, and promote corporate image, to speed up the pace of the company's strategic development, to cater to more long-term development, our company has new XiQian. The new address is: 68 yue feng road, pudong new area of Shanghai, Zip code: 201201) In order to facilitate the new and old customers, phone number unchanged, welcome general new and old customers and the social people from all walks of life call, letter, to inquire, to visit our new site work. Rp: 021 - 5187710651877109 ( Each extension) We firmly believe that: XiQian to new Shanghai thick pu valve co. , LTD. Will work with new spirit, full of enthusiasm for the broad masses of old and new users and the social people from all walks of life to provide more superior support and service! Shanghai thick pu valve co. , LTD. , 2015. 09. 06 thick warm congratulations Shanghai pu valve XiQian new site! ! The structure characteristics of the high pressure solenoid valve solenoid valve working principle of steam
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