Warm congratulations on thick pu valve for * * * certificate dIICT5 explosion-proof solenoid valves

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
Recently, the Shanghai thick pu valve co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as the company) DIICT5 of explosion-proof solenoid valve successfully passed the national explosion-proof certification center explosion-proof performance inspection and flame-proof certification. To the company's development needs, through the joint efforts of all departments at all levels, the company after dIIBT4 explosion-proof solenoid valve certificate obtained, on October 27, 2011, the company once again made issued by the national anti-explosive electric products quality supervision and inspection center & other; National explosion-proof electrical equipment explosion-proof certificate & throughout; , explosion-proof grade is: ExdIICT5 Gb, certificate number: CNEX. 11. 3069. The explosion-proof certificate is according to the new standard GB3836. 1 - 2010 'explosive environment, part 1: general requirements for equipment and GB3836. 2 - 2010 'explosive environment part 2: the flame-proof shell & other; d” Protection equipment 'test, some testing projects more than the old standard and advanced detection equipment, more strict requirements, our company is the first pass new explosion-proof standard professional solenoid valve manufacturer. National anti-explosive electric products quality supervision and inspection center is the domestic high * of explosion-proof electrical products quality inspection institutions, detect * for strictly, inspection authority * high. Our company & other; National explosion-proof electrical equipment throughout explosion-proof certificate & prevention; Acquisition, explains the manufacture level of electromagnetic valve of the department of research and development, product quality has been in the domestic leading level. Here, thank you for the general new old customers, the social from all walks of life to our company long-term support and love; Also thank the company various departments at all levels and all the staff, thank you for your efforts! Our company will keep up the good work, and take concrete actions to return the majority of new and old customers and the social from all walks of life, for your own contributions to the cause of China's electromagnetic valve power, efforts to make China, electromagnetic valve, towards the world and in the international community to become a dazzling pearl! ! Warm congratulations on thick pu for * * * dIICT5 explosion-proof solenoid valve valve certificate new opportunities for development prospect of the Chinese pump valve industry clear gas solenoid valve of the main technical data
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