Water electromagnetic valve installation considerations

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-15
1, the working medium of the electromagnetic valve should be clean and no impurity particles, electromagnetic valve internal parts on the surface of the dirt and filters, need to clean on a regular basis. 2, when installation, the electromagnetic valve coil up, and keep the vertical position, the arrow or mark in the electromagnetic valve should be consistent with the pipe flow, shall not be installed in places with splashing water or water leakage. 3, water before install solenoid valve with electromagnetic valve, pipe must be clean. Installation of the filter in front of the valve is recommended, steam piping drain valve. 4, in the pipeline system, installed on the branch of the electromagnetic valve size should be less than the main valve door size. 5, electromagnetic valve of water cannot be used in explosion hazard. 6, the valve cannot be installed pipeline dips, lest because of steam condensation water, such as precipitation of impurities in the valve and prevent any action. 7, the electromagnetic valve failure occurs, in order to timely isolation solenoid valves, and ensure the normal operation of the system, the best install bypass device. 8, water electromagnetic valve in the pipeline under rigid, recommend to use valves before piping bracket, so as to avoid electromagnetic valve work caused by vibration. 9, water electromagnetic valve before installation, pay attention to see the product sign, read the instruction for use, to determine whether a product conforms to the conditions of use. 10, water electromagnetic valve should be installed on the pipeline before and after the pressure gauge, in order to observe the pipe pressure.
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