Water electromagnetic valve to reduce costs

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-21
Water pipeline installation with electromagnetic valve: both manual function, eliminating third hand valve, can online maintenance, greatly reduce the cost. 1, medium viscosity adjustable scope: adjust can realize general gas, water, oil, convenient purchase, storage, installation and maintenance. 2, open valve closing time adjustable: meet the various requirements, to prevent water hammer damage. 3, valve opening can be adjusted by: preset * and * small open degree, improve the automatic control accuracy. 4, the main valve wear can compensate: : prolong the service life of the valve, through long-term test. 5, caliber: DN1 - DN1200。 6, temperature: - 196 - 450℃。 Structural principle of this valve will ably guide solenoid valve, manual valve and throttle valve at an organic whole, pilot valve after accepting electrical switch drive the main valve action. Adjusting screw A and B can adjust the medium viscosity scope and main valve switching time, and also can wear after the main valve to compensate. When the pilot valve need to fix just tighten the adjustment screw B and isolation of screw C, can be removed, and available manual screw. The screw can also be used to the preset electromagnetic valve automatic control * or * small flow rate. Steam solenoid valves to regulate the working condition in the future enterprise should pay attention to several aspects of the technology and product development
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