Water meter is always idle because no check valve

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-16
Knock wall leak, a temporary move, repainting the pipe, the original: a water meter is always idle because no check valve recently, citizens Mr Gu for home water meter. In 2008, he found that the meter is always idling a cause, will find water company to repair, maintenance staff said water meter is no problem, leaking is his home. On his wall leak, but no matter or plugging water heater nozzle, water meter is still about 1 per day. 5 tons of water. In June, he will be to check the water meter idling problem inside the conduit to resurface, accidentally found that fitted with a non-return valve after water meter, water meter should stop & other; Speeding & throughout; The footsteps. Water meter old idling, three overhaul in 2005, with the reasons Mr Gu bought secondhand room in the city jia yuan garden, located in the top 5 floor. Because the top water pressure instability, some households buy the hydraulic booster pump to ensure the water. 2008, phase city tap water company of hydraulic pressure, to ensure the high-rise residential water, so people gradually substituted booster pumps. Surprisingly, Mr Gu found out after booster pump, the water meter in the home began to dishonest, no one with the water meter will & other; Aid & throughout; Idling. Find the reason, in the home has no obvious signs of leaking, conduit or toilet does not leak, & other; Looking for water companies to access external waterways, says it is no problem, thought to be leaking in my family. To prove & lsquo; Clean & rsquo; , but also help me to change the water meter. ” As a result, a new water meter is still blank. Mr Gu calculated that idle water meter a day for about 1 more. 5 tons of water. Mr Gu be frightened by this trouble, straight-tempered shut total valve door lived in parents' home. For the sake of their children to school, Mr Gu may move back to the house, again set out to solve the problem of water meter. “ Find water company to repair again, and still say no problem. ” In June, Mr Gu, please decorate a company to waterway renovation, will be all broken plumbing in the home, can be a new pipe shop is good after a flood, water meter or idling. “ Guy a detection of laying pipes, water meter check valve ( Prevent the backflow medium pipeline) No. ” Mr Gu hurriedly call the water company, & other; Install the check valve 4 minutes, the miracle appear & ndash; — The water meter! ” Look at the ground broken tiles, Mr Gu in distress situation, & other; Nearly 40000 yuan of economic losses because of only one worth 4 dollar check valve! ” In four years, he says, at the thought of water meter in race your heart will be panic, & other; Checked 3 times before and after water company said no problem, but how did not find the check valve not installed? ” No provisions to install the check valve, there is no fault at xiangcheng district water company, surnamed zhou, director of the office, told reporters in some old house demolition area at the top of the residents, real water pressure instability in water meter idling condition, but this is rare. Weeks director, said Mr Gu home for too long, the problem of bad judgment there is something wrong with the meter is 4 years ago, bad also showed Mr Gu internal waterway is applied in order to check the water meter problem or a simple interior. Then, zhou said the matter by the company within a surnamed wu, director of the deputy general manager in charge of, let journalists and communication Wu Fu general manager. Wu Fu general manager said that 99% of homes are not install the check valve, there is no requirement to have to install the check valve, & other; Now the pressure is high, said the extreme points, the water pressure instability caused by water meter idling condition is one over ten thousand, so residents did not need to install the check valve in the home, he is the special requirements. ” Wu Fu general manager said that the check valve does not belong to external waterway, so also does not belong to the water company, & other; The guilty party is not in the us, the compensation more unrealistic, no fault how to talk about compensation? ” With such a reply, Mr Gu, & other; Because they repair the three say water meter parts no problem, I just struggle to reform of the internal water, how can you say no fault? ”
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