Water purifiers common parts failure as well as the solution

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-18
Water purifiers common parts into fault and the solution times water purifier water purifiers now basic every ordinary people, but to know only water purifier can only clean water is not very understand water purifier consumers, if use the malfunction what to do, also do not know how to start. Below, with many years of experience in water treatment mann about water purifiers under common parts failure for the consumers as well as the solution, will hope to be of help. No, high-pressure pump start to build water check whether the power outage, whether plugged in; Check whether the low voltage switch is failure, can't put through power supply; Check whether the high voltage switch or water level controller is failure; Check whether the transformer, fuse is burned. Second, the high pressure pump normal working but not make high pressure water pump pressure loss; Pre filter clogging ( Pure water waste water are no small or waste water) ; Check valve plug ( Is wastewater, not pure water) ; Solenoid valve failure, cannot effectively open; RO membrane is blocked. Three non-stop high pressure pump, high pressure pump pressure is insufficient, can not meet the set pressure; Check valve plug, not the pure water ( Is wastewater not pure water) High voltage switch failure, can't jump; Solenoid valve failure, cannot effectively. Four, high-pressure pump downtime but waste water electromagnetic valve failure, cannot effectively without water; Check method closed pressure barrels of ball valve, such as wastewater, there are still can be concluded that for electromagnetic valve failure) 。 There is a kind of situation, shut off the water solenoid valve to open again, if the machine is normal, is to determine the water pressure is too high, cause electromagnetic valve cannot be closed, flexible consider adjusting entry in total in order to reduce the water pressure) ; Non-return valve pressure relief, Waste water is very small) ( Inspection methods close intake solenoid valve, such as wastewater, there are still can be assumed to be non-return valve pressure relief) 。 Five, the insufficient water machine jump again and again after the expiration of the raw water pressure; Non-return valve pressure relief; High voltage switch failure; System pressure phenomenon. Six, pressure barrels of water but water cannot flow pressure bucket full pressure; The rear activated carbon block; Pressure barrels of ball valve is damaged. Seven, lack of clean water flow front filter clogging; High-pressure pump pressure is insufficient; RO membrane plugging; Wastewater than disorders or flushing switch not shut. Eight, a serious imbalance between water and waste water ratio check rinse solenoid valve damage; Check whether wastewater proportioner blockage or too conduction; Check whether the RO membrane is blocked or removal serious decline. Nine, constantly washing wastewater than failure or machine. Rinse the beginning is not tight. Ten, the noise big check whether the raw water pipe water, cause the booster pump idling, the water purification machine noise; Procuratorial raw water is normal, if it is no tower water supply, whether the water gas; Fault, check whether the booster pump vibration is too large, such as friction sound check whether water purification machine put solid; Check whether the pipe is too long, the vibration of the pump to the pipe on chassis check whether hot water boiling noise is too big; Check whether the compressor is normal. Eleven, leak check water, pure water machine find leaking point; Check whether small unicom leaking; Check whether water dispenser leaking; If the leakage is very small, it is not easy to check, can be used to dry tissue test. Above is possible failure, water purifier manufacturers about water purifier can be used as a reference, or consumers can give sales of electromagnetic valve after-sale business contact, the problems to solve.
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