Wedge gate valve door sealing principle, use and structure characteristics

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-02
Wedge gate valve door sealing principle of wedge gate valve door sealing principle is to rely on wedge on the two seal face and two sealing surface on the valve body wedge style together to seal. Is the purpose of using the wedge in order to improve the sealing of secondary load, in order to make the metal hard seal gate wedge gate valve can not only for high pressure of medium, low to medium pressure to seal. Closed clockwise rotate the valve stem, valve door sealing surface and the valve body sealing face closed and sealed. But the metal seal of wedge gate valve gate produced by wedging effect of inlet side sealing pressure forces are often not enough to achieve by medium inlet side seal. So said metal sealing wedge gate valve door is a single seal. Wedge gate valve gate application: wedge gate valve gate is widely used in petrochemical, oil, steam pipeline, such as coal-fired power plants connected or truncate the medium inside the pipe opening and closing device. In the various types of valve door, gate door is the most widely used one. It usually is only applicable to full open or full closed and cannot be used to adjust and throttling. Wedge gate valve door commonly used in the shape of the valve gate size without strict requirements, and conditions of use and has a tough situation. As the working medium of high temperature and high pressure, the request to close a inferior to ensure the seal for a long time. Usually, the conditions of use or require reliable sealing performance, high pressure, high pressure cut-off ( Differential pressure) And low pressure as ( Small pressure difference) , low noise, have spirit cave and vaporization phenomenon, high temperature medium and low temperature ( Cryogenic) , it is recommended to use wedge gate valve gate. Such as the electric power industry, oil refining, petrochemical, offshore oil, tap water and wastewater treatment engineering of urban construction, chemical industry and other fields of application. Wedge gate valve gate structure characteristics: 1, compact structure, reasonable design, good rigidity valve door, channel flow, flow coefficient small 2, the sealing surface of stainless steel and carbide, service life long 3, using the flexible graphite packing, reliable seal, flexible operation of the light 4, drive mode for manual gear transmission, pneumatic, electric, 5, and form for the elastic wedge single ram, rigid wedge single ram of double ram type http://www. nwfamen。 com/news/T1/109。 html
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