Wenzhou start the pump valve enterprise training 'two' fusion

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-22
Pump valve enterprise to understand market trends, live in the user before it has not found the product involved in providing services, through informationization means to achieve these. On November 6 in the morning, a of the pump valve industry & other; Two throughout the &; ( Informationization, industrialization) Training was held in the city, from Kowloon bay, always fine of more than 60, head of the pump valve machinery enterprises. This training is our city & other; Two throughout the &; One of the fusion series training. It is understood that this series of training object basically is the city's annual sales of 20 million yuan of above, head of the small and medium-sized enterprises. Why content for the enterprise informatization, the main content of informatization, informatization implementation path, etc. Training the theoretical teaching, combining on-the-spot investigation, focus on form. This series of training sponsored by the wenzhou economic and information commission, various counties ( City, area) Council for the promotion of economic and information bureau, wenzhou enterprise informatization. This article link url: WWW. zjxmfm。 com
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