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by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-12
Instrument air compressor controls the application of air to operate valves in pneumatic instruments.Valves are process control equipment for industrial meters and meter air compressors, ensuring that the air through these process control equipment has the correct pressure and temperature.The instrument air compressor has components and control systems that are combined with the control system as an integrated unit and installed in the housing to reduce the noise generated by the compressor.
The components of the compressor set include compressor, oil filter, drive motor, lubrication system, oil separator, rear cooler, control system and control panel.The type of oil compressor is the reciprocating piston type with oil and oil-free version, the rotating blade type, the rotating liquid ring type, the centrifugal diaphragm type and the rotating spiral type.It is best not to lubricate the meter air compressor to avoid polluting the passing air with oil or lubricant.
If the compressor is oil-type, then there should be an effective mechanism to separate the oil and remove contaminants from the air.By using an instrument air compressor instead of natural gas-The adoption of pneumatic control technology in the industrial field can significantly save costs, reduce methane emissions and ensure the safety of equipment
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