What about CIF of pneumatic push button valve ?
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Can air filters filter bacteria? Bacteria are everywhere,Our biological world is originally a system of balanced development of various organisms,Air filters should just filter solid particles of a certain diameter in the air,Like smog is mainly PM2.Caused by 5 and 10,This air filter can have a certain effect,And for bacteria,It is estimated that this filter will breed bacteria after a long time,Don't worry too much, I think,The best way is to improve your immunity,More sports,Balanced nutrition,Ventilation in the house!Can air purifiers filter bacteria?The air filter is really useful,However, we must first understand the classification of indoor pollutants: 1. Co2,There are mainly exhaust gases generated by human activities,Harmless to the human body,However, when the content increases, the proportion of indoor oxygen is easily reduced.2. radon gas,When the main elements of building materials such as bricks and slabs contain radon such as Ra and Th are high,It will produce radioactive gases such as radon.The

Water Shield in pneumatic gas source filter Water Shield in air source filter,A circular plate-like water shield,Its diameter is much smaller than the inner diameter of the filter Cup,So that there is enough air to pass through.The oil and water impurities under the block can only drip from the edge of the plate diameter.This kind of water retaining plate with slot ring,Its diameter is much larger than the circular plate,Edge almost tight filter Cup inner diameter,Forming a slot,Does not affect the flow through.Since the air flow in the air filter is rapidly rotating and flowing through the filter from the slot,The small slot plate has played the role of a small water retaining plate,Make the water more and more effective.The oil and water impurities under the block are mostly dripping from the edge of the filter Cup,Obvious observation.This kind of water retaining plate with slot rings,The small plate of the slot ring is still tilted,The effect is better.
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