What about industry position of AIRWOLF?
AIRWOLF CO, LTD upholds a spirit to be down-to-earth and fearless in the development. Now we have many honors and certifications. AIRWOLF enjoys good natural conditions, geographic location and social environment with abundant resources and traffic convenience. AIRWOLF is committed to producing quality pneumatic parts supplier and providing comprehensive and reasonable solutions for customers. We can make design and product in line with your specifications.

High temperature high efficiency air filter filtering accuracy is what? Product description: high filtration efficiency,Low resistance,Advantages of large air volume.It is widely used in high temperature filters of tunnel furnaces and high temperature resistant machines.Product features: high efficiency, low resistance, large dust capacity, good wind speed uniformity, high temperature resistance for more than 8 months in the normal use cycle can be 250-Use between 350 °c.Main use: widely used tunnel furnace high temperature air filter, high temperature resistant machine supporting use and products that require operation in high temperature environment.Efficiency: 0.The capture efficiency of 3um particles reached 99.ZNGG-> 99.ZNGG-ZNGG-ZNGG-ZNGG-ZNGG-1. regularly (usually every 4 months) use the dust particle counter to determine the cleanliness of the clean area that is purified with this product,When the measured cleanliness does not match the required cleanliness,The

What does PCWS mean in HVAC? PCW, PCWR, etc... It's best to have a full set of HVAC abbreviations for me. thank you. Absolute Filter,In the early days, a foreign company named the commodity with partition efficient filter,Corresponding filtering efficiency 99.97% (0.3mm DOP ).AC fine (Air Cleaner Test Dust, fine ),The United States stipulates standard dust for the performance test of filter and dust removal equipment,Except China and Japan.The dust was taken from the Arizona desert area of the United States,Commonly known as Arizona Road Dust.Adding a specified amount of staple fiber and carbon black into AC fine ash,It became ASHRAE standard dust commonly used in filter tests.The ISO of the International Organization for Standards stipulates that the filter effect of the car filter is measured with AC fine ash.Aerosol,A relatively stable suspension system of solid or liquid particles formed with gas.International,M
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