What about the supply capacity of water pressure valve in AIRWOLF?
AIRWOLF CO, LTD upholds a fearless spirit towards making mistakes and constantly seeks innovations. Based on that, we overcome various difficulties during the development. We gain numerous honorary qualifications in the industry. AIRWOLF has a great geographical location with quite a few railways and highways nearby, which provides convenience for transportation. AIRWOLF has professional engineers and technicians, so we are able to provide one-stop and comprehensive solutions for customers. is expert in providing ODM services.

How many dry Watts is the 220 V voltage 2 horsepower cold pump? Zhejiang Lili purification Equipment Co., Ltd.Li brand in ZhejiangI. cold cooler, cold cooler, high temperature cooler, normal temperature cooler, cold cooler, cold cooler, air cooler, compressed air drying equipment, compressed air cooler, Hangzhou cold cooler, processing capacity: 0.6 ~ 300Nm3/min, oil content at the outlet: 10PPm ~ 0.001PPm, the particle size of dust containing 810 μm ~ 0.001 m. Working pressure: Standard 0. 7MPa up to 1. 0MPa,Two. precision filter, compressed air filter, compressed air precision filter, Hankerson filter, sterilization filter, sterilization filter, dust removal filter, high pressure filter gas filter oil removal filter, high pressure filter, pipeline filter, pipe filter, compressed air pipeline filter, compressed air pipeline filter, Hankerson filter, Domenick. hood filter3. oil-water separator, high-efficiency oil-water separator, compressed air oil-water separator, gas-water separator, gas-liquid sepa

What are the efficient filter leak detection methods? High efficiency filter is an end filter applied in clean room or dust-free workshop,Is the most important filter directly related to air cleanliness,The high-efficiency filter leak detection mainly refers to the on-site leak detection after the installation of the high-efficiency filter and its system,It is mainly to check the small pinhole and other damage in the filter material,Such as frame seal, gasket seal and leakage seam on the filter frame.The purpose of leak detection is to check the tightness of the high-efficiency filter and its connection with the installation frame, etc,Timely detection of defects in the efficient filter itself and installation,Take corresponding remedial measures,Ensure the cleanliness of the area.A relatively early approach originated in the UK,In China, some countries in Europe passed 70 ~ In 1990s, the experimental dust source was sodium chloride salt spray with a single dispersed phase.'Quantity' is the brig
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