What are advantages regarding pneumatic valve pricing?
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Beautiful front filter water purifier In that case, the front filtration of that brand is coarse filtration, and the accuracy is 10 microns.

The 120 gallon fish tank is equipped with a 150 gallon filter. what is the reason for raising 10 koi and several Nautilus? Is it English or American?About 550 liters of English gallons,About 450 liters of American gallons,The biggest is 1.2-meter cylinder,So many fish in such a small tank,And can be pulled,What's more, the 150 gallon filter you're talking about is the hourly flow,This is not enough at all.The indoor domestic koi filtration device should be cycled more than 4 times an hour,That is to say, 480 gallons of traffic per hour.And,Is it estimated that you are using a filter bucket?Not enough at all,Moreover, it is difficult to cultivate digestive bacteria with a filter bucket,So the muddy water is inevitable.And most importantly,Koi can never be mixed with parrot fish,The parrot is too aggressive,Koi has a mild temperament and can be hurt.
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