What are the categories for direction control valves

by:AIRWOLF     2020-06-19
The definition of direction control valves with which categories direction control valve can change the direction of gas flow or on-off valve called direction control valves. As to the cylinder end gas supply, and make the other end of the exhaust, or on the contrary; From the other end of the air intake, exhaust, in order to achieve this kind of change in the direction of flow, and to use the direction control valve. In addition to the control of a cylinder, air can also be in charge of the whole system on and off. Response slow pilot valve failure, the main valve core solenoid valves do not move - poor lubrication electrical failure pilot valve failure ( Over voltage, etc. ) Mechanical failure, the main valve core is clogged, electromagnetic valve, complex structure parts is more, can be restored by the method of decomposition of solenoid valve clean house use, but must pay attention to not missing part or mixed with dust. According to his several classification according to the number of position classification according to operating mode classification control valve seat valve sealing way direction preferred two-way valve series VC common dry clean air, lower than the VX price VDW low price, small volume, air, water use VX much fluid, seal material optional VQ blow choice, high frequency. vn pneumatic valve, mixed with the tiny fiber will cause the valve leakage. So using SMC solenoid valve need to be strongly recommended, filtering, mu following SMC filtration unit. Valve pilot valve failure generally can only be solved by changing the pilot valve. Industrial fluid control, electromagnetic valve related certification characteristics of the solenoid valve solenoid valve solenoid valve according to the features of common fault type and fault detection solution leaked external leaks, internal leaks, foreign body, valve core wear, threaded lax, dislocation position of sealing ring, etc. Direction control valves can be classified as follows according to the function classification usually classified by method of operating mode according to the classification of body structure according to the classification of flow capacity classification direction control valves reversing valve switching his entry, exit and vent. Solenoid valve solenoid valve factory contact hour telephone landline fax order
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