What are the cause of pneumatic butterfly valve leakage

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-20
- - - - - - - - - - - - : what are the causes of pneumatic butterfly valve leak? Shanghai mountain instrument technicians said pneumatic butterfly valve used for solid materials control, tend to be in the tank bottom to use as a feeding valve, such as cement tank, such as the powder tank bottom, used for feeding and quickly cut off. Because most of dust material contains big or small particles, the valve sealing surface wear is beyond doubt, improper selection, will greatly reduce the service life of the valve, or soon due to valve leakage, continue to use. Ingredients weighing system, the entire process of ingredients with PLC to realize automatic control, and the ingredients of trolley feeding valve selection is pneumatic triple eccentric butterfly valve, medium is a very fine powder particles. Use after a period of time, the valve leakage, the stone piles to leak on the workbench, often because of the media is very thin, and a bit of a sticky, although ingredients on the car is equipped with vibration motor, there many parts are attached to the tank wall and the material valve, the valve is closed, the card around the sealing surface, make the valve cannot be closed, led to add material leakage, over time, also make the sealing surface of wear, and even in groove. The installation and maintenance, pneumatic butterfly valve, pneumatic butterfly valve should be paid attention to the body to sign, in order to avoid flow direction error, affect the use. , pneumatic butterfly valve before use under the premise of should confirm that the valve is fully open to break the wash pipe, in order to avoid has the sundries such as welding slag scratch sealing surface. , pneumatic butterfly valve is generally set the by-pass pipe, at the time of repair or replace the pneumatic butterfly valve, can use by-pass pipe using process as usual. , pneumatic butterfly valve can be in a horizontal & deg; Lie within the scope of vertical installation, not the pneumatic actuator down inversion. , the locator or electromagnetic valve please refer to the manual for debugging. Crank arm to the lag structure, pneumatic actuators, used for manual device, fault when removing the air supply pipe directly with a manual wrench manual operation can be realized. , in use process such as the discovery of gland leakage, tighten a press cover bolts can be solved. Pneumatic butterfly valve |
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