What are the measures of trap freeze protection?

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
When the discharge valve station installed multiple drain valve at the same time, heat preservation of the drain valve can prevent freezing. Trap freeze protection measures have? Ball valve manufacturer to introduce below: drain valve freeze protection measures are as follows: anti-freezing measures are as follows: 1. The size of the trap don't choose too big. 2. Keep the drain line trap as short as possible. 3. Bend down type drainage line, to speed up the gravity discharge. 4, steam trap drain line and the condensate water pipe and heat preservation. 5. When the condensate water pipe when exposed to atmospheric conditions, steam and energy saving equipment, should consider to add with heat pipe. Discharge device and trap, and trap trap between the discharge pipe installation of vacuum circuit breaker should be manually using discharge works for the protection of the automatic discharge is expelled or frozen. We are all in the trap heat, we can according to the above anti-freezing measures, we hope to use the right operation method is first trap should do.
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