What are the pneumatic valve figure number

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-18
Pneumatic valves are commonly used control valve type, mainly composed of pneumatic actuators with various types of valves, pneumatic valves with different attachments can be divided into pneumatic switch valve and two types of pneumatic control valve, pneumatic switch valve is mainly used to open or truncation pipeline medium condition, pneumatic control valve can receive analog signals from the control system, to control the opening of the valve, thus achieve the goal of control piping medium parameters. And to replace manual pneumatic, which can realize the automatic control of the operating mode. Pneumatic Angle seat valve flange type butterfly valve pneumatic fast loading Angle seat valve pneumatic cement pneumatic valve with explosion-proof performance, for flammable and explosive condition does not need to be increased and explosion-proof measures, choose the single-acting pneumatic actuators, can realize the reset function, namely the gas source of failure can be automatically according to the working condition of the user return to a state of full open or full close, high safety coefficient. And torque is larger, compared with the electric valve pneumatic valve open/close more quickly, more suitable for fast cut off. Where there is air condition, more by the user in the first place.
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