What aspects can show the stability of the pneumatic valve debugging

by:AIRWOLF     2020-05-19
Pneumatic valve in recent years has become adjust current system pressure as well as an important part of the balance, so now both air conditioning system basins of the system and water supply of water balance system are in good after-sales inquiry via pneumatic valves. After the order when installation should pay attention to its stability, can judge from the following aspects: 1, the flow of the design value and the measured values before and after debugging deviation. It is used to regulate the flow of fluid pipe of each branch of the important tool of flow and heat balance. By measuring the debugging before and after the debugging of water flow measurement values with the expected design value deviation ratio, the smaller the calculation of flow deviation indicates its debugging after the higher the degree of stability, the control flow rate balance, the better. 2, imbalance of water system trend line analysis. Pneumatic valve can be used in air conditioning water system control process, by adjusting the collected data before and after drawing the corresponding preliminary judge the trend of water system can get the line after debugging the stability of the high and low. In unbalanced trend line can be analyzed, the trend line moves the flat that adjust the better. 3, electric control valve adjusting frequency. Pneumatic valve stability height can be controlled by electric regulator adjusting frequency to make judgments about the, mainly for the high altitude and large span buildings, through the adjustment of individual regulator judging stable performance, can through the whole work area of the regulator to adjust frequency on the judgement.
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